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family history Cartier Love Rings Replica

October 11, 2018

Hide the story behind a Mao Zedong gold medal. This year marks the 120th anniversary of Mao Zedong’s birthday. Mao Zedong’s icon has become a topic of discussion in the collection community. Mr. Zhou Yujiang, a citizen of Nanjing, has a Mao Zedong 22K gold medal in his home. He recently showed this precious family biography to reporters. In addition to this 22K gold medal, Zhou Yujiang also has two 22K gold rings in his family. The special feature of these two rings is that the outer ring of the ring is engraved with four yangs of ‘anti-American aid’. Behind these golden ornaments with a strong era imprint is a heavy family history Cartier Love Rings Replica. This badge was left by his father. ‘Probably in 1953, my father bought it in Shanghai. At that time, my father bought a lot of gold jewelry at a time. So far, except for this badge, there are two rings.’ Zhou Yujiang opened a layer of wrapped paper bags and showed the reporters two gold rings. These are two very simple rings. The ends of the ring are open and the wearer can adjust the width and width according to the thickness of the finger. The most striking thing about the whole ring is the four Yang Wen Chinese characters that were engraved on the anti-American aid dynasty.

family history Cartier Love Rings Replica

Zhou Yujiang said, ‘At the time, it was the anti-US aid and the DPRK, the support of the whole people, and the people also launched fundraising activities. I remember that Mr. Mei Lanfang donated a plane. The two rings that my father bought were also witnesses of that era.’ Zhou The three collections of Yujiang’s family biography have aroused the reporter’s curiosity: What kind of honest people Zhou Zhou was, can you afford so many gold ornaments? Under the reporter’s questioning, Mr. Zhou came to the house. It turned out that his father turned out to be Zhou Mingzheng, the founder of Nanjing’s old-fashioned Zhang Xiaoquan scissors shop.

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