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happened with you Cartier Love Rings Replica

August 17, 2018

When I wrote these words in the foreword, I was unconsciously crying again and again. I made a photo album with all the photos about you, as well as a screenshot of our chat history. I have collected the voices you sent me on weekdays. Because I am afraid, I am afraid that one day I will forget you, forget your face, forget your voice, forget everything that happened with you Cartier Love Rings Replica. Seeing the dynamics in your space, I am very sad, very missed, and very sad, but I have no courage to delete you, I am afraid, I am afraid I can no longer get your news, how can I be willing. Do you know these? Do you know, I want to see you again, you still have a hug. When I saw you for the first time, I slammed into your eyes. How can there be such a beautiful eye in the world? It is black and black, but it is like a black hole that sucks people in. That year, someone told me for the first time that I was with you. For the first time, someone held me in my arms. For the first time, someone took my hand. For the first time, I fell in love with someone. I know that we have too many things, it is difficult to get to the end, but still love, thinking about love is a day, in the process, I always remind myself not to use too deep, but know that you are a The nerve-stricken people are still stunned by your unintentional actions. Every night, waiting for your news to start thinking a little later, there are so many handsome guys in the world, but always feel that you are not good-looking, you will never see enough. You indulge my little temper, ask me when I want to get married, and think about getting me into my house. For a woman, I think there is nothing more touching than this. A man wants to marry you home. . In any case, I will not disappoint me, contain everything about me, until I finally become a kind of gentle, I know that your departure is good for me.

happened with you Cartier Love Rings Replica

So you played the role of a bad person, let me hate you, disappoint you, then forget you, no longer love you. However, you are not at all, not the kind of person. You listened to my complaints, my heart was sad, my sadness, I said to feed you, um, the tears slipped on the cheeks. I have been expressing my sadness all the time, but I have forgotten you. How sad should you be? You endure my sadness and hide your wounds perfectly, so that no one can snoop. Even if you are separated, you are still helping me. I know that I can’t live without you. I am the selfish person. Someone told me that even if the injury is a fate, the relationship between you and me will not be completed. I understand that there is a kind of deep feeling that can be discovered after leaving, and some people can wait for happiness. Young and young, love does not understand the way. Later, I thought about whether it would be longer if we could change it now. Later, I tried to love it, but after all, I couldn’t help myself. Later I went to the place we had last agreed upon. After the busy, I am full of ideals, busy life, and I want to live the little days I want. Look at the dynamics of your hair, occasionally write some comments, and swear each other. W said that you love such a friend. I smiled, maybe. There is such a sentence in the former three li, you are waiting, who will let go first. After listening to this sentence, my heart hurts. I don’t know if I let go. I know that I am waiting now, waiting for the day to let go. We are separated by thousands of kilometers. If there is no coincidence, I don’t think I will see each other again in this life. The prime minister’s love and hate is heard… Street lights wake up one by one Missing a station is coming Old, stop, stop Carefully sneak into the dream …… Old dreams Woke up is already unbearable Listening to the evening breeze, but still rushing to the old Sprinkler passing by to wash the memories of the city Glass windows are like a old movie Every frame is just faded Youth at the time We met too early Gently hold hands Overdraw too much heartbeat Years of turbulent waves Breaking away lovers without warning From now on Youth at the time We love each other and hate early Time endless tunnel Can only run forward I didn’t want to look for you in the past, but I didn’t have the courage of the original. The ending was not bad. Everything was just right. I still haven’t reached the end of the world. I can still forget it, and I don’t have to go to the castle… As the years passed, some things have already changed. We have no time machine, and we ran forward with the time tunnel.

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