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Hermès ‘Sui Ben traces the source

September 17, 2018

Hermès ‘Sui Ben traces the source’. The first stop of the ‘Hermes Spirit’ Cultural Exhibition Global Tour was opened in Shanghai ‘Hermes Home’ from October 20th to November 18th, 2017. Through the iconic themes, colors and concepts of several generations of designers and craftsmen, the exploration was carried out. Since the establishment of Hermes in 1837, Thierry Hermès has developed from the saddle and harness workshops. The first stop of the tour will focus on the horses and their transformations. Time flies, Hermès has also changed – the structure, shape, fixing, hook or hook shape originally used for saddles and harnesses has evolved to become a source of inspiration for new designs. These inspirations are mainly due to lifestyle changes and the continuous improvement of customers’ tastes. In order to present this creative logic in a multi-dimensional way in the exhibition, curator Bruno Gaudichon (Director of the “La Piscine” Art and Industry Museum in Roubaix, France) and set designer Laurence Fontaine replaced the chronology with the theme. The relevance is displayed through precise and open exhibit selection and display. It is worth noting that the exhibits are selected from three unique but complementary series, including Emile Hermès, a collection of travel-themed treasures and small antiques, Hermès collections and contemporary products. The exhibition also presents valuable historical materials, including a film depicting the saddle craftsmanship produced by Robert Dumas, the fourth generation of Hermès in 1962.

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