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his arms Cartier Love Rings Replica

September 3, 2018

There is no necklace on the neck of the sunflower. Of course, there is nothing to help. Even the bronze family is helpless. Bronze homes only have days, only the land, only the clear river, only from the heart to the cleanliness of the meat. There was a pigeon whistle in the sky. When he looked up at the sky, he did not see the pigeons, but saw a row of crystal ice on the eaves. Next, he had a long time, and he looked at the ice of different lengths. I don’t know why these ice icing attracted him so attractively. He looked up at them like this. They are like spring bamboo shoots hanging upside down in the mouth. Looking at it, his heart began to jump and pounced like a frog in his arms Cartier Love Rings Replica. He took a table, climbed up, and took a dozen of ice and placed it on a large plate. Then he put the plate to the grass in front of the door. He went to the water’s edge, cut a few reeds, and then cut a few thin reed tubes with scissors. He asked his mother for a strong red line. It’s a bit strange that the family saw him busy, but he didn’t ask. They have long been accustomed to his whimsy. Bronze broke the ice with a thin wooden stick. Under the sun, the disk was dazzling, like a diamond scatters the light of the mans. He picks the ice that is not too big, the most suitable for him, and then puts a thin reed tube three or four inches long, one in the mouth, one head against it, with the heat in the mouth, can not help but blow With. The heat is like a flexible awl, slowly tapping a small, round hole in the ice. It takes about six or seven minutes to blow through an ice. He placed the ice blast of the hole in another small dish. When the ice falls into the plate, Ding Dang has a voice. Bronze sits under the grass and is doing his things patiently. The icicles that he has chosen from the market, the size and shape, can’t be exactly the same, but it’s not exactly the same. When they are stacked together, they are more flashing. The light brought a bit of chill, but it was very quiet and luxurious. Bronze blew one after another. Those ‘diamonds’, as the sun moves westward, also change the intensity and color of the light. When the sun sets, their light is faint orange. Bronze felt that his gangs were numb, and he patted his mouth gently with his hand.

his arms Cartier Love Rings Replica

Before the sun went down, he used the red line that his mother gave him, and he smashed dozens of ice icings in the hole, carefully chained together, and then tied the red line into a knot. At this time, he provoked it with his fingers: an ice necklace appeared in the afterglow of the setting sun! Bronze did not put it back in the pan, but picked it up with fingers for a long time and held it in the air. A long ice necklace, anchored in the air. It made the bronze itself a little surprised. Bronze did not put it on his neck and tried it, just on his chest. He felt that he suddenly became a girl and smiled embarrassedly. He did not immediately show the ice necklace to the grandmother, nor did it show it to the sunflower, but put it back on the plate and covered it with straw. After dinner, almost all the barley land was gathered in the square in front of the village. On the stage, the petrol lamp is already on. Just as the literary and art propaganda team of the Damaidi Primary School was about to perform on stage, bronze appeared in the background. Bronze hands on the plate. He used his mouth to blow the grass above, and the ice necklace shone in the background under a not-so-lightful petrol lamp. There is light shining in the eyes of the sunflower. She didn’t know what the blue-and-white porcelain dish was, but its light had made her feel very charming. Bronze holds the plate in one hand, picks up the ice necklace in one hand, then bends the body sideways and places the plate on the ground. He gestured to the puzzled sunflower: ‘This is a necklace, a necklace made of ice.’ He let the sunflower come, he wants to wear it for her. Sunflowers cleverly approached the bronze and hanged their heads. Bronze put the ice necklace on the neck of the sunflower. It was wrapped around the tall collar and hangs smoothly on the sunflower’s chest. She doesn’t know if it looks good or not. She touched it with her hand and felt very cool, and she was very comfortable. At this moment, Teacher Liu shouted: ‘Sunflower, sunflower, where are you? You should be on the scene right away!’ Sunflower is on the scene. Under the light, the faint light scattered by the ice necklace is more charming than in the sun. No one knows what kind of necklace is worn on the neck of the sunflower. But its beautiful, pure, mysterious and luxurious light shook everyone present. At that moment, time stopped flowing. On the stage, like a silent forest. Sunflower thought that the necklace on the neck had screwed things up and stood under the glare of the lights. I didn’t know what to do. But at this time, there was a man who was arguing toward her in the crowd. Immediately, several more people applauded. Next, all of them applauded. On stage, there are applause. It was a clear night, but it was like a heavy rain. Sunflower saw his brother – he stood on a stool. His eyes are sloppy. Thin tears, blindfolded her eyes

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