I will be able to eat it that day

I have not eaten my mother’s baked biscuits and boiled dumplings for several years Cartier Love Rings Replica

August 10, 2018

Cherish what you have at the moment In May, on the eve of summer, it is the rainy season, accompanied by the rainy season, there is also a festival, it is a heavy festival. Whenever I mention the word ‘mother’, I always need a lot of courage, because the words ‘mother’ are too heavy, and she has a heavy love, so that I dare not go to her holy . What is more serious than the word ‘mother’ is Mother’s Day. The 365 days of work a year, in exchange for the words ‘Mother’s Day’. Every year on Mother’s Day, the full screens in the space, in the forum, on Weibo, etc. are all blessings and gratitudes to the mother, and the same words are all the same. In the past, I also wrote blessings in space, and wrote grateful poems. This is the first time that the words ‘Mother’s Day’ are very heavy. I want to come at this moment. For those mothers, those who are blessed and grateful, they can’t see or hear, and they don’t care, because the mother cares only about the mind. My mother, a very ordinary and very ordinary rural woman, she is illiterate and does not understand Mandarin. She is only working day after day, year after year, busy, busy. Looking back at this moment, the blessings and gratitude in the space are very ironic. What is the use of the mother, she wants these? I like reading books and reading beautiful articles. Every time, when I see those articles about mothers and maternal love, they will always be touched by them and cry for them. I used to cry in the past, but it is really unclear whether in a lot of tears and crying, there is a tear that flows for my mother. At home, from small to large, I saw more of my father’s busyness and thinness. My father occupied the position that my mother was in my heart. I knew what my mother needed, but never gave it. In my impression, I washed my mother’s hair and cut my nails for my mother. That’s all. And the mother, every time she goes home, she can always hear her worry about me from the mouth of her neighbor. For me, the mother is not like a father.

My father gave me the capital to grow and gave me the opportunity to study and be educated. And the mother, except for the milk, is the ordinary, ordinary food. Nowadays, I am only in the city. I like to wash my hands and cook for myself. However, these meals are always less of a taste that I should have in my memory—the taste of my mother. For all the housewives in the world, for the family, for the children, the effort is to gather together in a porridge and rice. Mother hands line, wandering clothing. Departure thick seam, meaning fear of delay in return. Who is arrogant, and reported to San Chunhui. I don’t understand whether the clothes worn by others have been replenished, but I passed through. When I was a child, a large part of the clothes I wore were patched clothes. These were all stitched by the mother. When I was a child, my grandmother used to ask my mother to help me with needles. Then I saw my grandmother’s stitching. I also learned to mend my clothes under the guidance of my mother and grandmother. Until now, every time I go home, my grandmother will always let me help to put the needlework, ready to mend clothes. At this moment, although I don’t need to wear patched clothes, I still carry needlework in my luggage to make a button and sew a cuff to feel the needle thread. When I was young, the afternoon meal was eaten on campus. At that time, everyone took the lunch in the morning when they went to school. At that time, the mother was the first one to be permanent. After burning the fire and frying the rice, it was only after the rice was cooked. Call me up. When I was young, I needed to live in school and go home once a week.


I have not eaten my mother's baked biscuits and boiled dumplings for several years Cartier Love Rings Replica



Every Monday morning, when I left home, I took away the book, except for the food that was enough for a week, and the expectations and concerns of my mother. Until junior high school, when I was preparing for the school, my mother was watching and watching me bring those things. Whenever someone in the village lives and gives a birthday cake, she will hide one in the rice tank and leave it to me after school on the weekend. When I want to eat rice balls and sesame seeds, as long as I open my mouth, I will be able to eat it that day. At this moment, I have not eaten my mother’s baked biscuits and boiled dumplings for several years Cartier Love Rings Replica. I occasionally miss the taste of the year. I just don’t understand my mother. I will miss the days when I burned the biscuits. I remember that whenever I was in the Qingming period, no matter whether it was busy or not, I would like to go to Ai Ye’s Ai Ye’s house in the hometown. The hot Ai Ye, the nine-layer cake are full of memories of our childhood. Now, I have forgotten how many years my mother has not done Ai Ye and nine layers of cake. Maybe it is because I started to go to school from high school. These things, although small, are condensed with the mother’s one inch and one inch of heart and maternal love.

For the mother, for the mother, the mother does not ask for a return, and we cannot return. I understand that many girls and boys will wash their hands for the other half of their hands. However, it is rare to hear their children wash their hands for soup. We grew up from babies, and the food we have eaten condenses the mother’s heavy love. Then, the straight-flooded boy and girl, please wash your hands for your mother to make a soup, let the mother on Mother’s Day, Let go of all this and have a real holiday. The law of life is fixed, one day, we have to deal with the mother’s farewell. At that time, we are already parents, don’t know how to cherish when we lose, from now on, with gratitude, with that long, grassy, Cherish what you have at the moment!

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