Fake Cartier Rings, love Cartier Love Rings Replica

lovely feeling Cartier Love Rings Replica

September 15, 2018

Speaking of mascots, it always gives people a very cute and lovely feeling Cartier Love Rings Replica. It seems to be incompatible with many high-end corporate brand image. But in fact, whether it is a luxury brand or a trend e-commerce, it has its own representative mascot. The Bulgari Serpenti series has been popular since its inception, and the “snake” deserves to be the most iconic symbol of the brand. Its origin is closely related to ancient civilizations, and serpentines symbolize wisdom, life and eternity. The earliest serpentines were cast from gold with diamonds on the head and tail. The watch worn by Elizabeth Taylor in the 1962 film Cleopatra was one of the most popular styles of the time.

 lovely feeling Cartier Love Rings Replica

Similar to Bulgari, the well-known jewellery brand Cartier chose Cheetah as one of its representative figures. The leopard head ring became the classic Cartier brand in 1914. The lowest price in China will not be less than RMB 40,000. Luxury Cartier leopard head ring with fine diamonds, the price is generally more than 100,000 yuan, the highest is more than 500,000 yuan. The representative animals of luxury brands have a commonality, that is, the design features tend to be authentic. Although the target consumers are not ordinary people, the more obvious the representation of authentic animals, the greater the loss of reverse preference consumers, which is why most of the trend e-commerce and luxury brands have similar animal personality characteristics. However, in the specific screen design, it is more inclined to try to sell the image of Meng.

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