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October 8, 2018

The things that wait for the whole body must be beautiful. When I was young, I was weak and sick, and gold evaded evil. My mother who loved me took off her gold necklace and put it on me. When I grew up, I found a lot of reasons to refuse to wear my mother’s gold necklace. Mother often sat in front of her dressing table and blushfully tried the gold necklace taken from the hibiscus with red rose lace. When I secretly peeked at this scene, I yelled. I insist that my first gold necklace should not be given to me by my mother. I am even more convinced that there will be a man in my life. He will be as gentle and tender as his father is to his mother. It will block the wind and block the rain for me. When I was in college, I met a tall, handsome and outstanding boy who spoke good Beijing Mandarin Cartier Love Rings Replica. He said that the winter in the north is really cold, but it is so good that the snow is formed layer by layer. He said that he could play snowballs, snowballs and snowmen all winter. He sometimes waits for me to go home, give me a nice book or a popular disc. When he took out a red rose from the bag, he blushed and whispered: When I first picked it, it was still fine. How could it dry up so quickly? At that moment, I was moved to find that he had taken up a large territory in the depths of my heart and was deeply ingrained. After graduation, we even talked about the issue of marriage. I always remember that day I obeyed him to customize the gold necklace. I stood by and listened to the style of the gold necklace with the clerk in a good-speaking Mandarin. He said that he wanted a wave pattern, and there was a gold pendant underneath. The oval shape, the center is engraved with seven words: give me the favorite Dandan, and took out a piece of paper and wrote it to the clerk. The moment when his big hands hold me, the feeling of happiness fills my whole heart. At that time, I thought that he would hold me forever. But on the eve of our engagement, he disappeared without warning, for no reason. Gradually, there was news that he climbed an Australian Chinese and went to Australia as his son-in-law. I couldn’t sleep well all night, and I lowered the bed for a while and lowered it. The next day I found out the note with seven words, wrinkled and smashed it, then burned it and burned it into a light smoke. Tears flowed down the cheeks coldly, and the necklace with my name no longer appeared in my dreams. The wounds of my heart are hard to calm down. I started to sit in the dimly lit cafes. I used to like the sweet drink of coconut milk and almond dew, but I also gradually liked the bitter taste of coffee. During this period, some boys tried to approach me and eventually left with disappointment. My indifferent gaze, my blunt words, the melancholy from my heart hanging on my face, made me alone. At this time, I realized that the greatest sorrow of a woman is not not beautiful, but not self-confidence. In love, I am sure of my own beauty. When I lose love, I deny my charm. I only know that the wound can heal quickly, but the shadow that remains can be delayed. I know that I am afraid of being hurt again, and I am afraid to repeat what I have experienced again. The feeling of eager to wear a gold necklace was crushed in my heart, and it was broken in one section. At this time, I began to resume the habit of writing in college. In the forum I used to go, I began to write myself, sticking up the bitterness and acidity of a girl who is strong, self-respecting, and sensitive. I am writing really, I want to write my own style. I should be grateful for the attention of many people who have never met each other. They have not falsely encouraged me or simply laughed at me. They used words to discuss with me and help me analyze them. They also posted their own stories, or hi or sadness. Gradually, I no longer closed and suppressed myself. I learned from other people’s stories that my experience was not as fatal as I imagined. I understand that the gold necklace that I have been waiting for in my heart is actually a beautiful mood waiting for true love and waiting for someone who can stay with me for a lifetime. I began to reconsider myself. I really shouldn’t escape forever because of an injury. After letting go of the heavy heart and opening your heart, life has become wonderful. One year later, I fell in love, and a year later, my baby was born. Now, whenever I look back on my baby, I will smile with my heart: I have the feeling of waiting, always keep the wait, and I will wear that one day. Love a piece of gold necklace stringed together.

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