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Maurizio, the third generation leader of Cartire

May 29, 2018

Maurizio, the third generation leader of Cartire, is a rare model young man in his family. He is looked at by his uncle Adolf and becomes an established man. He looked at Patricia, a girl with a petite smile. Patricia was educated by mother to marry into a big door, and the successor of the Gucci family was of course unparalleled. Under the offensive, Maurizio fell in love quickly. But his family firmly opposed it and threatened to deprive him of his inheritance. Maurizio was young and vigorous and inherited the peculiar stubbornness of the Gucci family. He picked up his own Gucci suitcase and left home without hesitation and chose the love.

Two years later, Maurizio and Adolf were reconciled. Under the excellent diplomatic offensive of Patricia, Adolf sent their couple several properties, including the top apartments in the golden section of Manhattan.


Later, Maurizio found that Patricia had a strong desire for control, and big and small things should be put in one hand. Maurizio was very unhappy. When their eldest daughter and daughter were there, Maurizio was determined to express his dissatisfaction with practical behavior. He ran away from home again and filed for divorce. Patricia, a tough character, could not accept it. She thought she had done everything for Maurizio, so she would rather die than divorce. 199 Ben, Maurizio finally divorced after spending 1# hours and a huge lawyer fee. Patricia was so angry and angry that he hired a year old man from Sicily and shot his ex husband on the stairs of the office. It took two years for the Italy police to break the sensational case. Patricia was sentenced to 2 in prison for plotting to kill her husband.

On the day of Patricia’s arrest, she was still in the image of a powerful woman, wearing fur coats, treading on high heels, wearing dazzling Replica Cartire jewelry, spraying perfume, covering her eyes with dark glasses that had not been made up. She was controlled by paranoia and desire to the extent of madness, and eventually came to Jeanne. The same disappointment.

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