The internal turmoil of the Gucci family has been around for a long time

May 29, 2018

The internal turmoil of the Gucci family has been around for a long time. The founder of Gucci Empire, the founder of the Gucci Empire, is also the initiator of the family rift. He introduced his three sons to the management of the company. In order to encourage the competition between his sons, the ancient Gucci was a “good heart”. He deliberately provoked the relationship between the three sons to make them jealous and hostile to each other, and to exclude their daughters in the distribution of their heritage. The daughter hates his father’s injustice for life. Adolf? Gucci, in order to make the Gucci brand aristocratic, claimed that their ancestors had made the harness for the royal family, but did not divide the legacy, and the elder brother who witnessed the big fortune of the brother said to the reporter, “I have to tell the truth that our family has never done the harness.” ”

Gucci, for a time, has been declining because of internal fighting in the family. After Gucci’s second generation successor, Adolf, Gucci restructured company business, the company has been getting up and the sales volume has risen sharply. However, the Gucci family is not as united as the family of the marsh family. Other family members began to question Adolf Gucci’s business strategy. Adolf Paul’s son Paul even broke away from the family to create his own brand. According to the memory of the insider, Gucci board members disagreed with each other and argued fiercely. The company also started to have strange things. For example, a family member was knocked up by the phone dropped off the wall when he met. Paul was angry and attacked his father. He found his father secretly collecting public funds.

In 1982, the 81 year old Adolf Gucci and her wife served 1 years in prison, and they sent them to prison. It was their two son, Paul, Gucci. The purpose was to persuade his father to agree with him and set up a Gucci deputy. A journalist in the Vanity Fair magazine said, “Paul Gucci is suing his father, and his father pays his son for a lawyer to continue to sue him.” Paul will spend his lawyer fees from Qing Xin, because Adolf will make up for his son’s arrears. “

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