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the mirror Cartier Love Rings Replica

August 20, 2018

Going to Gulangyu for swimming and picking a pearl necklace for my mother. Light pink, soft color, the size of the beads is even, although not comparable to the precious pearls, but it has spent my monthly salary. On the mother’s birthday, I gave her respectfully. At noon, we ate at the hotel’s restaurant. The mother said that she would go to the bathroom. Who knows that she has not returned for a long time. My sister and I hurry to find it. At the door of the bathroom, I saw my mother talking to a young girl. I was very polite. I saw us and said to the girl: ‘My daughter is coming, goodbye!’ The girl bent slightly to her mother and hurried. gone. My sister and I thought that the girl was a mother’s student. We didn’t know what happened until we returned home at night. The mother came out of the bathroom and wanted to wash it in front of the mirror Cartier Love Rings Replica. There are two bathrooms in the hotel, which are dressed outside and have a female toilet inside. She was afraid that the soap would stain the pearls, and she took off the necklace

 the mirror Cartier Love Rings Replica

and placed it in a small white porcelain dish on the dressing table that was specially used for small ornaments. When the mother washes her face and looks again, the small porcelain plate is empty, and the pearl necklace is gone! The mother thought about it. She and the girl were only in the bathroom. When the mother was grooming, she stood by her mother. Now the girl is grasping the brass handle of the glass door of the bathroom. And the look was flustered to go out, and the mother stopped her. My mother said, I know that I can’t be anxious, even if it is a little impatient, I will scare the girl away, even if I judge it correctly, it is useless. ‘Girl.’ ‘What are you doing?’ ‘Please help me?’ ‘what’s up?’ ‘I have a pearl necklace, a gift from my little daughter. It is not very expensive, but it was bought for me by my own salary. I just washed my face and was afraid of getting dirty. Where is it, when people are old, the memory is really bad. Today is the first time I wear it. If I can’t find it, my daughter may be sad. Because today is my birthday, I am 60 years old today. The family is very happy to come here to give me a birthday. In fact, like my age, I hope they don’t remember my birthday, lest I always remind me that I am getting older.’ The girl looked at her mother for a long time, and her nervous look began to ease. She slowly showed a smile on her face: ‘You are not old, you look younger than my mother, she is only 40 years old.’ She paused again. Said, ‘I will help you find it.’ ‘That would bother you, I went inside to look for it.’ The mother pushed the door over there. After a while, the mother came out. The girl held the string of pearl necklaces with a napkin and said, ‘Look, is this string?’ The mother took it and said, ‘It is it. The young man has a good eye, thank you very much.’ The girl quickly said: ‘No, I really don’t need it.’ Stopped. She added, ‘I wish you a happy birthday too!’ Just then my sister and I came. The mother stroked the pearl necklace around her neck and said, ‘That girl, that’s great.’ ‘She stole your belongings, you thank her, you should call the security guard.’ My sister shouted. ‘I think she may not be interested in stealing my things,’ said the mother. ‘If I call security, then one of us will always lose the pearl.’

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