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the necklace to break Cartier Love Rings Replica

August 30, 2018

Where is the tail chain on the necklace after it is worn? Can you tell me? Encyclopedia 丶 Level 2 was viewed 40 times 2014.08.03 Lonely Yuri 4 paragraph up to people Adoption rate: 69% 40 level 2014.08.04 1 As a woman’s love of beauty is inevitable, so the best effect of wearing jewelry is to try to look more beautiful, increase youthful beauty and temperament, it is best to wear some slender, gem-free necklace, which will give people a slim and beautiful The feeling, in order to achieve such a purpose, for the treatment of the tail chain, to be targeted, in order to highlight the focus of the tail chain is best placed behind, if the tail chain style is beautiful and beautiful, you can choose to put in front, but also Taking into account the length and thickness, you can look at it yourself by wearing it in the mirror to find the best way for you; 2 short necklace, but the neck is thicker, the face is wider, if the female neck is slender, you can wear this pair of necklaces to achieve the effect of thickening the neck, square face, short neck women, with a large neckline, so that the neck is fully exposed To make the neck slim. A woman with a slim body and a light body, suitable for wearing a slim, narrow necklace. A full-bodied woman is suitable for wearing a necklace with a slightly lighter color and a larger gemstone. Looks coordinated The first is the reason for gold jewelry itself. Gold is a soft precious metal.

the necklace to break Cartier Love Rings Replica

The higher the purity, the softer it is, and the more likely it is to deform. In recent years, the style of jewelry has become more fashionable and novel. Some special styles are likely to cause deformation and breakage of certain points on the necklace due to the stress of structural factors. The second is external factors. The maintenance of jewellery is very important. Many consumers often forget to take off the necklace when changing clothes and taking a bath, causing the necklace to hang on hair, towels, clothes, etc. This kind of hangs causes the external force of the necklace to be pulled, which is the most common necklace break. the most important reason. The third is the process factor. Some low-end brand jewellery manufacturing processes are not enough. If the solder joint process is poor and there is a problem such as solder joints, it is easy to cause the necklace to break Cartier Love Rings Replica. So, what if the gold necklace is accidentally broken? At present, there are also three ways to choose. One is welding, the necklace is broken, and the jewelry can be brought to the storefront for professional welding. Second, the change is made. If the jewelry cannot be repaired, the difference and the old gold processing fee can be filled. Replace the new style; the third is to build the stove, go to the gold shop to rebuild the necklace, you can re-create a gold necklace or use a melted gold necklace to create gold rings, gold bracelets, gold pendants and other accessories, the purity of the new jewelry gold and It turned out to be the same.

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