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this year’s show Cartier Love Rings Replica

September 20, 2018

Trading through the exhibition is one of the most traditional business models, but high traffic is the key to maintaining this model’s successful operation. The performance of this exhibition has caused some insiders to doubt whether there are any exhibitors in the current situation. necessary. According to Rapaport, a jewelry retailer exhibiting at JCK said: “Even if you encounter a new buyer, you will have to confirm the order after the show. There are fewer people at this year’s show Cartier Love Rings Replica, and the cost of participation is high. I think people are re-starting. It is appropriate to think about the traditional business model of trade fairs.” Although JCK has more than 2,300 exhibitors this year, about 350 more than last year, the feedback from exhibitors on the decline in traffic is indeed true. Before the opening of the exhibition, Yancy Weinrich, senior vice president of Jed’s parent company Reed Group, was interviewed by the Financial Times. It is predicted that JCK will have more than 30,000 people to watch this year,

this year's show Cartier Love Rings Replica

but the number of registered visitors is only over 20,000. In order to restore the audience and enhance the confidence of exhibitors, the exhibition is also making changes. This year JCK opened a special exhibition area for synthetic diamond producers in response to market concerns about laboratory synthetic diamonds. Yancy Weinrich said: ‘This is the highest category in the market.’ Couture this year ushered in the second appearance of its branch unit Couture Time watch show, and this unit is also open to audiences who do not participate in the transaction for the first time. Couture Time invited watch lovers to organize RedBar members to watch the exhibition. As non-traders, they are able to deliver consumer feedback to brands and retailers in a timely manner. Gannon Brousseau said: “Like other participants in the show, the show itself needs to evolve to find ways to continue to help exhibitors add value.”

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