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August 15, 2018

Dear little girl, if there is a future life, please promise that we still be brothers and sisters, even for one year, one month or even I am in Qingdao, Xiaomei is in Dongguan. I always feel sorry for the little girl. Xiaomei is three years old. She should have been a little daughter loved by her parents. But because she is a girl, she can only get little love. In rural areas, almost every family is patriarchal, patriarchalism is the way, and parents are no exception. The family is poor, and wonderful food is often the ultimate yearning for our brothers and sisters. Every time I kill a pig for the New Year, sell some, leave some, we will be cheering around when we are wearing new clothes at the table. But usually, my sister’s treatment is far worse than me. For example, I can eat boiled eggs and white noodles, but the younger sister can only chew the hard-headed, often tears into the bowl. I can’t bear to pick the egg to the little girl and get it back. The father said to his sister, let your brother eat, your brother is a boy. They always say this, your brother is a boy. This sentence makes the little girl sad, but there is nothing to help. Over time, I am used to this kind of preferential treatment, and my parents are used to a lot of bad things: selfish, greedy, self-righteous, to eat well. What is irritating is that my grades are not as good as the younger sisters. She is ranked in the top three in the grade, and I am only in the middle. When I was in the third day of junior high school, in order to raise the tuition fee for high school, my parents decided to let the younger school drop out. When I came back from school that day, Xiaomei happily handed out a new transcript to my father. My father put aside the smoke and smoked a cigarette. He said casually: ‘What is the use of a girl reading a book? Or for your brother to read high school, you Brother is the pillar of the family.’ The little girl’s face was white, and her tears continued to fall down. She stared at her father and couldn’t believe it. The father said: ‘The family is poor, you and your brother, we can only provide one.’ The little girl cried all night, so I could not bear it. I tried to convince my father the next morning, but my father simply ignored it. Xiaomei’s eyes are red, and no one looks at it. It looks lonely. The younger sister went to work at home after school. Three years later, I dropped the list of college entrance examinations, and I decided to go home and farm. My father has severe arthritis, can’t do heavy work at all, and my mother has heart disease. I should pick this house up. The little girl who had just returned from the field put down her hoe and said calmly: ‘Brother, you have to repeat. I am for you.’ My 14-year-old girl is working outside. She went to Dongguan and was far away from home. She sent 500 yuan to her family every month. I don’t know what she did, but she heard from her parents that she couldn’t stand the homework because she had to do 16 hours a day. She is still a child laborer. However, Xiaomei just said in the letter: Brother, if you study hard, just read it for me. How can I not read well? I am admitted to Qingdao Ocean University. However, the huge tuition fees made me discouraged. I am ready to give up, the little girl’s shoulder is too weak after all. She came up with a letter and asked me to go to college. She said, ‘Brother, you are the hope of your family, and your parents are pointing at you.’ Seeing this sentence, I blushed. In order to make up the tuition, I also went out to work during the summer vacation. I did all the dirty work. Every time I was reprimanded, every time I was too tired to stand up, I wanted to cry. Not for myself, I think of the little girl who has been working like this for four years. She really used the hard-earned money to make a future for me. My heart secretly vowed to repay the little girl in the future! In the four-year university, I spent all of my sister’s money, and every minute seemed to be printed with her weak back. She missed me and wrote to me, but she was reluctant to buy a train ticket to see me. She was 18 years old and had never seen the sea. I sent her a photo of the seaside, and she showed off with her companion: This is my brother, in Qingdao. Yes, I am in Qingdao, my younger sister is in Dongguan, my brother is studying, and my sister is working. 18-year-old girl wants to wear a red necklace When my younger girl was almost 18 years old, I asked her what gift she wanted. She said that her companions wore a red coral necklace, which is said to bring good luck and love to girls. I want a necklace like that. . I promised her that my brother must buy it for you. When I entered the university, I talked about a beautiful girlfriend, and the expenses were even bigger. It was the young girl who kept sending money. Maybe I was spoiled from childhood, maybe guilty and grateful has been numb, then I spent the little girl’s money, but inadvertently forgot her promise. After graduating, I stayed in Qingdao, earning enough money to make a living, leaving little room for rent. When I received the salary, I occasionally remembered my sister’s red coral necklace and said to myself: Next time, next time. Funding me to finish college, Xiaomei listened to her parents’ life and returned to her hometown. She had a relationship, her boyfriend was a wage earner, but her parents were old, and she needed someone to be there. She married a village peasant. I am in Qingdao, only she can take up the responsibility of taking care of her parents. She wrote to me and said, ‘I was born to my parents, and my life should be so – I feel really uncomfortable.’ When she got married, I prepared a red envelope of 1,000 yuan. Compared with the money that my younger sister used to go to college, this money is really pitiful. But in urban life, communication, falling in love all need money, how can I have more money? At that time, my girlfriend was in love with me. She was a Qingdao girl. She had to go to a place where she had an atmosphere. She wanted a famous brand. I used to take her back to her hometown. She suspected that my family was rustic and said that the dishes were not tasteful. Although I was annoyed, I could not let her go. My mother said that she is not suitable for me, I will answer: To take root in Qingdao, find a local girl is good…

various reasons Cartier Love Rings Replica

When did I become so secular? The younger sister got married, but her girlfriend’s birthday was also there. Every day, she was entangled with a birthday present, and she said that she had a pair of earrings, as long as 1,000 yuan. I am hesitating, she grinned and complained, I knew that you didn’t really love me! Helpless, I had to spend the red envelope, I didn’t mean to go back to the little girl’s wedding, and lied to the little girl that the unit was too busy. She does not blame me, I am even more uneasy. A year later, I was married, and the little girl came, and actually gave me a red envelope of 2,000 yuan. I don’t want to say that I didn’t give you a penny and spent all your money. Xiaomei said, who makes the brothers have a good time, brother, have time to go home and see, my parents miss you. At that time, my father’s arthritis was more serious, and the younger sister had been caring for it. When I came to Qingdao for a few days, she also bought a small bag to buy and buy. The wife said that your sister saw the countryman entering the city at a glance. He bought more things without taste. You see the sweater she sent me. How to wear it? In my heart, the position of the younger sister is even heavier than the parents, because without my little sister, there is no such thing as me today. My wife and I got up and my wife said that it was her life! I was blocked from speaking and my tears flowed down. It was not her life, she was kind, she had a bunch of selfish relatives. I will be your sister in the afterlife. In another year, I have children. The younger sister has never had a child. She is going to see a doctor and it will not help. The brother-in-law saw that it was a particularly rude person. For this reason, I also played a little girl. After I bumped it, I warned him, but he said that raising a hen can lay eggs. Why didn’t she give birth to me? My child has no one to bring, and my wife said, let your sister come to help me for two years. I am embarrassed to speak because the younger sister has to take care of her own home. But my wife called me on the phone. On the third night, my sister came to my house with simple luggage. Since then, Xiaomei has become a son’s nanny, washing dirty and washed, clothes are not easy to take, clean the house and home, and love our family, even the wife’s underwear to wash, leftovers to grab the past eat. Even the hard-hearted man can’t help but tell me that your sister is really good. Later, under the insistence of her brother-in-law, the younger sister divorced. I want to find an object for her in Qingdao. She is pretty and handsome. People can do it. It is not difficult to marry again. But the parents said on the phone that the little girl will come back. We are not able to leave her. The younger sister went home without complaint, refused to marry again, and cultivated vegetables and took care of her parents. My parents said, I didn’t expect it, but I finally counted on this most unloving daughter. I used to be jealous of her! In contrast, although I am sending money back in the big cities and Chinese New Year, I can’t say anything. They said, sorry for my little sister. The younger sister never complains, saying that both parents and brothers are my closest relatives. Hello, I am fine. My little sister never thought about herself. She always thought of the person she loved. However, her big brother, who has never loved her, has never repaid her. I always rely on various reasons Cartier Love Rings Replica. After I get married, I have children. After I have children, I will buy a house and repay my loan. In short, I always have a lot of things to do. I have been graduating for ten years. When I had a successful career and my wife and I loved my son, when I had a house facing the sea and a good car, I received a call from my father. He muted: Go back home, your little sister can’t.’ My little sister was actually examined for breast cancer, late. No one really loved her, she thought she was a woman who was beaten by iron, and she was bitter and tired again, until now. When I saw her, she could not speak. I picked up the little girl and asked her what she wanted to say. She painted weakly with her hand, and I saw that it was the shape of a necklace. That was the promise I promised my sister ten years ago, but it has been ignored by me. It is said that the red coral necklace will bring good luck and love to the girl, and that is the only wish of the sister. The 28-year-old girl hurried away, and could no longer see the best red coral necklace that I ran out of tears and bought it. I couldn’t see her parents falling to the ground and crying. Dear little girl, if there is an afterlife, I promise that I will still be a brother and sister, even if I am a brother, I will be a younger sister, let me live a favored day, and experience the happiness of being loved… …

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